Premiere of the „Time never dies” music video

Chrysta Bell said: What you have created is beyond all hopes and expectations.

Your „madness” has led to such compelling and sublime art!
I love the spinning entities in the beginning with the soundtrack of Blue Rose instrumental.

It’s is the perfect portal into the enchanted journey that is about to begin…

I watched the whole piece over and over and every time I understood a new

connection, discovered a new way the whole puzzle fit together so

Czytaj Dalej „Premiere of the „Time never dies” music video”

Premiere of the music video „FEELS LIKE LOVE” Chrysta Bell

First time when I had a chance to watch Chrysta Bell the third season of Twin Peaks i said to myself- “ She is so strange and unique, like Monica Belluci, but more beautiful”, then I’ve listened to her albums  and something happened to me. I think it was the very first time in my entire life , when I could see so clear images listening to her music. For the film director it can’t be better. 

“Feels like love “ was the adventure. For one reason it was pure pleasure to work with such an artist like Chrysta Bell, the second reason – creativity. When i was listening to that song I saw in my mind few levels of feelings and existings. We are not sure if what we call life is the past, or the future that we constantly imagine.  

„FEELS LIKE LOVE” music video set with Chrysta Bell

We started the music video set „Feels Like Love” with Chrysta Bell. The video was created in central Poland, in the wonderful Old Garden restaurant. It was a big movie set, in which all my wonderful crew took a part. Connection of Chrysta Bell to my world brought a pinch of Twin Peaks here. The script that I wrote is a combination of several worlds in which it is not known which is the real one. Ultimately, all these worlds combine with cosmic energy.

Official Music Video for „Feels Like Love” Directed by Archon From the album FEELS LIKE LOVE by Chrysta Bell Follow Chrysta Bell :… #ChrystaBell #FeelsLikeLove #TimeNeverDies #Archon

I didnt know that the third season of „Twin Peaks” will bring Chrysta Bell to me!

I didn’t think that when I was watching the third season of „Twin Peaks”, I would see someone I would really like to work with. When I saw Chryst Bell on the screen, I thought she was an angel. A few months later, quite by accident, I met Joanna, who was doing make-up for Chrysta photo session. She promised to send my video to her. Half a year later, Chrysta Bell called me and said that she was delighted with what I created.